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Info below is older and outdated and under construction as of Sept 2020.

Joint Venture on Deals with Roop!
Program Details
Special one-time webinar session
held May 26, 2015
“How to Close Deals Partnering with Roop”
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Have questions or want to schedule
a private call with Richard?
Call or write Deena here for personal
assistance and scheduling
Download guide to learn exactly
how this program works:
Joint Venture Program Description
and Start Up Kit

Watch this to learn more!
JV Program Update Webinar
“Amazing Done-For-You Real Estate Profits”
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“Thanks Deena! I’ve been meaning to call to thank you for your
ongoing encouragement to join the JV program. Richard and everyone
on the team are amazing… it’s just as you told me and so much more!
Thank you again SOOO much!” — Roy – March 21, 2013

New FAQ Webinar!
“Secrets of Real Estate Investing Success”
Your most frequenty asked questions . . . submitted and answered!
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Secrets of Real Estate Investing Success
Frequently Asked Questions

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