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Peer Group 3 monthly Platinum call
For members who have closed OVER 10 deals. Peer group 1&2 members can monitor this call if desired.
THU-2/25/20 at 3PM Pacific Time
Meeting ID: 948 2417 3118
Passcode: 36160

Peer Group 1&2
monthly Platinum call
For members who have closed LESS than 10 deals. 
THU-2/25/20 at 4PM Pacific Time
Same link as Peer Group 3 above

Open Q&A Call with Roop
Drop in and ask anything. Goes only as long as needed.
Meeting ID: 958 3201 4646
Passcode: 871625

November Jumpstart
Here are events, links, updates, advice, and support options for the November 2020 reboot of Million Dollar Coaching

  1. Book your initial call with coach Marc Hoffmann. During your first call, you will set up a reoccurring monthly time and date.
  2. Coach Marc’s bio is below.
  3. Download the Initial Assessment below, complete it, and email to Marc asap
  4. Watch for emails from informing you I have unlocked new Platinum member-only content. This includes special tools we use to track and measure your progress (leads, offers, deals, cash collected, equity captured, added cash flow, etc.). It also includes some amazing audio training programs on performance, time management, and the inner game of success.
  5. Watch for a schedule of group calls held each month.
  6. Book a Quick call on my schedule anytime you need additional support or guidance.
  7. Start visiting our Million Dollar Coaching Facebook Group. Use it to interact, stay up to date, and get support. We’ll begin posting Platinum Member-only links and info.
  8. Reserve your place for the Nov 5th Platinum Member Jumpstart call at
  9. As needed, book time with Coach Marc is here

JUMPSTART RECAP: Book your Initial Call , download Assessment, return it to Marc.

Talk to you soon!
Richard Roop