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Hi, this is Richard Roop with MindStorm Marketing and

I grew up in Orange County CA, settled in Colorado after the Air Force, and moved here to Texas two years ago.

I’m passionate about helping entrepreneurs (and the influencers who inspire them) achieve greater success, knowledge, abundance, and real wealth.

I’m known as The Marketing Consultant for Real Estate Entrepreneurs and for my creative real estate investing strategies. But I have also helped a lot of the top marketing and real estate influencers achieve their goals of growing their reach, revenues, and audiences.

I make most my money as a strategic success, growth and marketing consultant supporting real estate investors and information marketers.

My real wealth comes from the experiences and wisdom gained from the amazing relationships (past and present) built over the years since I got started as a marketing entrepreneur in 1984.

I’ve been married to my incredible wife Cindy for 35 years. We have two adult sons. Chris lives with us here in Texas and Brandon is still lives in Colorado.

I never had the money to attend college but I have 3 MBA’s in 1) Direct Response Marketing, 3) Creative Real Estate Entrepreneurship, and 3) The Inner Game of Success & Achievement. MBA stands for how became an expert in these three areas… M-entors, B-ooks and A-udio programs.

The best way to connect or learn more about me is below.

What I want to offer is free copy of Million Dollar Mindstorming: The Secrets of Creating Your Financial Future. I’ve created hundreds of audio programs and this is one of my most powerful. It includes the workbook and audio recordings from a 2-day retreat, held once only 11 years ago, for my top consulting and coaching clients. Normally $500, unlock with this coupon link for free

What I need most right now is any help making Billion Dollar Mindstorming: The Inner Game of Creating a Richer Life (working title) a successful event held May 20-22, 2021 in Florida


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