Disgruntled member

I have an unsatisfied coaching student. Her name is Val.

She threatened to defame me to everyone I know if I did not bow down to her demands. Since they were unreasonable, she is sending out Facebook messages like the one below.

Sorry if you got caught up in this drama. Only spend your time and attention on this mess if you feel you would benefit from it. If you do coaching, you might benefit.

But just in case you care or are interested in the whole story, I’m posting it here.

Most people have no question about my integrity. But if you have any doubt, this should clarify that. With full documentation.

I asked her if I had permission to share our correspondence together publicly when she told me she was moving forward with her defamation campaign. She gave me permission.

Short Story:

Val enrolled and paid for 12 months of Million Dollar Coaching, a program I started in 2005, closed in 2015 due to a government lawsuit, and relaunched in Nov 2020.

She paid $2,700 in Sept 2020 for my Roop Partnership package, owing $8,000 more due over 12 months, payable with a $2,000 profit share from the first 4 deals closed, but only due if she closed those deals.

She made $24,000 on a land flip deal in May 2021 and was happy to pay me the first $2,000 profit share. But 3 weeks after capturing her first deal she quit doing the business and asked to put her coaching on hold.

Four months later she requested a refund for coaching claiming all the support and training she got was of no value.

First, by quitting in June, she made it impossible for me to earn my remaining $6,000 due. Our goal was to close 4 deals by Sept 2021 with an average profit of $30,000+ for a total of $120,000.

We tell brand new investors that it may take 3-6 months to close the first deal, but then should be on target to close a deal at least every two months after that.

That assumes you continue your marketing by investing at least $700 a month and work the unconverted leads that you already paid for.

It also assumes there will be time to set up your business, get trained, earn experience, and adjust your marketing plans based on the results in your area.

But Val had success, was all set up, then sabotaged herself just when we see people take off… i.e. after their first deal.

In October 2021 she requested a call with Marc and me about her coaching. On it, she said she was not happy and wanted a refund.

She was very demanding, not unlike all my other time working with her.

So I took the weekend to consider her request, and why I would make an exception to our refund policy and guarantees.

Here is the letter and 20-page report I sent her that shows most but not all of the personal support I provided her.

It does not reflect additional support she got from her coach Marc or all the FB and text messages.

As you can see just from this partial email history, we spent an abnormal amount of time together:

I made her generous offers to satisfy her. But she decided if I did not refund her, she will be on a mission to defame me. That bullying was just another reason NOT to make concessions for her.

Here are the final emails after the first letter…

As you can see I was trying to find a reasonable solution – but without success.

Further details, if you care…

She paid us $10,700 and I gave her $46,000 of products and services, plus she collected $24,000 cash on her first deal.

Yet, she wants me to make an exception to an already super fair and generous refund policy, and give her money back, 4 months after quitting the active business I helped her get all set up and operational.

Her purchases and payment to us:

$2,700 Roop Partnership Sept 2020

1) She purchased a $10,700 package of training, tools, and support in Sept 2020. The price was $900 x 3 months (as $2,700 down), plus $2,000 profit share due closing each of her first 4 deals with 12 months.

The guarantee was to make at least an average of $30k on 4 deals within 12 months. That’s $120,000 in profits, otherwise, there would be no profit shares due on deals that are not closed.

The expectation or goal was to close the 1st deal within 6 months, but by that time be on track to close deals every other month at a minimum. Closing one in month 6, then month 8, month 10, month 12… would meet our goal.

The package included 3 months of Million Dollar Coaching for Nov 2020-Jan 2021.
She got free coaching in Sep-Oct 2020, and another free month in Feb 2021.

$6,000 Million Dollar Coaching Mar 2021

2) In March 2021 she renewed for 9 more months. We typically don’t offer refunds on coaching renewal because they already know how the program works.

Million Dollar Coaching enrollment is usually 12 months, but we let her sample it for 3 months first. So, the “renewal offer” was to give the opportunity to complete the standard 12 months.

As a special bonus for renewing, I added 3 more months free.

So, the offer was $995 a month x 9 = $8,955 (payable in 12 monthly installments of $745 each) or pay in full $6,700. She negotiated to pay in full for only $6,000.

$2,000 Roop Profit Share May 2021

3) Within 2 months of renewing she collected $24,000 on the first deal in May 2021. And as agreed, she was delighted and anxious to pay me the $2,000 owed on her first of 4 deals.

Unfortunately, after providing extensive one-on-one and group support to get her new business established and running, and successful… she quit her business at the end of May.

At that time, she requested to put her business and coaching on hold for 3 months for Jun-Jul-Aug 2021 to travel overseas. We granted that request.

She never restarted her coaching, but I let her attend the Oct 2021 boot camp free as if she was an active member — since I assumed she was back in the country, now ready to go.

[Note: I lost my $6,000 in potential profit shares due through Sept because she stopped in June right — after closing her first deal. Most would view this as self-sabotage. I do.]

On an Oct call after the boot camp, she requested a refund claiming nothing works, and everything we did for her had no value. We had two calls to try and satisfy her.

I even offered to work with her as a JV partner 1) spending all the money needed to find and close more deals, and 2) I’d present the offers to the sellers and get them accepted.

But that was rejected. She wanted her money back.

She straight-out threatened to ruin my reputation and put me out of business by telling the world how she did not make money, my strategies and tools don’t work, and she had not gotten anything back for the money she invested into launching a new real estate investing venture.

Bowing to her demands would require making an exception to our refund policies. She gave me no reason to make an exception. Instead, she gave me reasons NOT to.

And the last thing you want to do is try and bully me.

Been there. Done that.

That said, if you’re interested in coaching, we have an open spot 🙂

Of course…

The easiest thing would be to write a check, as I have always done.

But the #1 lesson I learned after losing everything 6 years ago through a bogus civil case, is to aggressively defend myself going forward, especially when my integrity is wrongfully attacked.

Feel free to share this page with anyone asking about this stuff.