Marketing & Success eLetter #272

Hey Member

Your last eLetter was July 2 and I apologize for not updating you sooner.

So much happening! If you follow me on Facebook then you how crazy great things are.

FIRST… We had our random drawing for the $50,000 Grand Prize Package. I will send another email tomorrow, Sunday with full details, name of winner, and more.

But at a minimum you do qualify for at $500 Roop training goodie box so give me your shipping address:

If you’re not aware, I’m doing my first live real estate investor training in 7 years NEXT week starting Monday, August 31st. I hope you can still work it into your schedule to attend each brief session… it is a super powerful process. Details and free registration link is at

Also, there is so much more in my new Facebook group

I have more to share with you tomorrow… but I had to make sure you know about this historic 5-Day Challenge event ASAP so you can arrange your schedule

Until then, sincerely,

Richard Roop

P.S. There’s a copy of your last issue #271 posted at HERE 

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