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Hi Member,

This is the first issue of Richard Roop’s Marketing & Success eLetter since I stopped writing it in 2015. It first began in 2000. I’m using my new email program so hopefully you will receive this OK. Sorry for any typos… on the move. If you have any questions or feedback, just reply.

What’s Happening Now?

Roop Auction ends tomorrow…

Giving away a $3,500 coaching and training package to the two highest bidders tomorrow through my second Roop Auction. Go read how it works and read all the comments — especially from the two ecstatic winners of the 1st auction. This is your invitation to steal this package from me! Bidding closes tomorrow Thursday, July 2 at 1:00 pm PT (4:00 pm ET). Check it out now

What Happened?

If you didn’t know, I lost everything in 2015 due to a state government lawsuit. I’m still under a gag order but I’m creating a page on my website to tell everything that I feel is within my rights. However… I already just spoke about it publicly for the first time:

How Richard Roop Lost $6 Mil in Real Estate And Bounced Back (Part 1)

How to Generate More Deals for Little or No Cost (Part 2)

June 21: Revealed simple yet super effective strategies on how to achieve your goals consistently with less effort… how to pull money off social media platforms… ways to get free leads that convert into sales in this June 21st podcast where I was interviewed by Teo Branzell of Social Media Branded:

Jun 19: Was interviewed by my long time friend and savvy short-seller Hunter Paschall

What’s Next?

Coming Attractions

July 13-15, 2020: I’m attending the VIRTUAL Top Talent JV Mastermind for the third time as a guest expert. Registration is free for speakers, authors, experts, coaches, and trainers but by referral only. Explore details at to see if you qualify and want to participate. Then let me know if you think I should invite you.

July 25, 2020: I’ll be launching a special VIRTUAL event unlike any I have ever done. Created my first VIRTUAL boot camps in 2009 (Cash Now Secrets), 2010 (5×5 Real Estate Profit System), 2013 (Strategic Marketing Secrets for Real Estate Investors). You’ll find related cool stuff on my main channel:

Prophetic opening of ‘Cash Now Secrets’ on my other channel:

Free advertising space all over the place

I’m writing an article about that. But for now, examples are your social media profiles. It’s what people see before deciding to connect, follow, or friend. I found out today you can now have up to 220 characters for your headline on LinkedIn. So my profile now reads:

Marketing maven, creative copywriter, revenue rainmaker, solution herder, possibility peddler, thought breeder, game planner, success architect, ad innovator, active investor, and marketing pro since the 1st Mac ad aired

Guess how many characters it has? Microsoft Word has a word count feature. But I also tested a dozen free online tools. Just copy, paste, and presto. Here are two good ones, each a little unique with extra features:

Counts words and characters plus an editor to improve word choice, writing style, grammar, etc. plus more word tools.

Does counts of words, characters, spaces, monosyllabic words, polysyllabic words, sentences, paragraphs, unique words, short words, long words, etc.


I have so much to report, been trying all day to get this out before midnight. Can’t wait to share what I am working on, especially about the July 25 launch. Find me on Facebook and LinkedIn. And go check out the Roop Auction as it may be my last since I will be re-launching my Million Dollar Coaching soon… and no insane discount like now.

Have a fabulous Fourth weekend! God Bless America. Talk soon…



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