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This is Richard Roop.

If you allow me, I’m going to share with you amazingly simple strategies for creating more entrepreneurial success now and in the future.

These are highly leveraged strategies, techniques, and best practices I’ve used to generate millions of dollars in net profits for myself, and my clients.

My Mission:
Help you quickly begin enjoying lump sum paydays (cash now) and start collecting more reliable reoccurring income each month (cash flow), all while accumulating the assets you’ll need for declaring yourself financially free (cash later).

Not only have I discovered the secrets of turning your dreams into reality, but I’ve also learned how to teach others to do what I have done… step by step. I’m kind of a master at this.

Since 1984, I’ve earned millions in each of these 3 main categories… while working for myself… investing little very little… and mostly bootstrapping from home.

Those opportunities including offering products and services as 1) a marketing entrepreneur, 2) a creative real estate entrepreneur, and 3) an infopreneur.

How did I do that? By becoming an expert in direct response marketing, creative real estate investing, and information marketing by modeling and learning from the best people I could find… many of who I still collaborate with today.

I even have students who have now become influencers and mentors to me. How cool is that?

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I’ll teach the things I wish I knew decades ago, and the best things I learned decades ago – that still work today.

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I started this service 21 years ago but took a 5-year break in 2015. Now I’m back. In fact, the last year or so has been an exciting whirlwind and I‘m excited to share with you now and the future…